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Donaldson 1C026147 Element FF 9/20 HTNX Viton-O-Rings (OEM)

Donaldson 1C026147 Element FF 9/20 HTNX Viton-O-Rings (OEM)

Part #: 1C026147
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Element FF 9/20 HTNX Viton-O-Rings




The FF, MF, and SMF coalescing depth filters use Ultrapleat media to remove water, oil aerosols and solid particles from compressed air and gases with absolute retention efficiency. The Ultrapleat technology optimizes the flow design of filtration media and pleat shape. With this new technology, high filtration efficiency is maintained while reducing the differential pressure and increasing the media surface area. The filter element uses a three dimensional borosilicate microfiber, which is oleophobic and hydrophobic. By using various filtration mechanisms such as impaction, sieving, and diffusion, liquid aerosols and solid particles down to 0.01 Micron are retained in the filter.