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A particulate filter, also known as an after-filter, is usually located just after the desiccant air dryer to capture any fine desiccant particles that may be in the line. If the particulate filter gets soiled more frequently than what is typical for your environment, it may be time to replace the desiccant. supply\'s top quality replacement Particulate Filters that meet &/or exceed the original OEM quality & spec.\'s & performance. We supply replacements for all brands of compressors. also sells complete particulate filter assemblies. These come complete with Particulate Assembly plus the particulate filter.

Search below for your Champion Particulate Filter replacement to find the matching filter replacement needed. If you have questions about how to find a particulate filter replacement or don\'t see the Champion filters you need, call our knowledgeable customer service team toll-free: 866-650-1937.

Champion CFRP-95-235 Particulate Filter Element (OEM)

Part #: CFRP-95-235
5 Micron Bulk Liquid Separation

Champion CFRP-95-209 Particulate Filter Element (OEM)

Part #: CFRP-95-209
5 Micron Bulk Liquid Separation

Champion CFRP-95-160 Particulate Filter Element (OEM)

Part #: CFRP-95-160
5 Micron Bulk Liquid Separation

Champion CFRP-95-115 Particulate Filter Element (OEM)

Part #: CFRP-95-115
5 Micron Bulk Liquid Separation

Champion C780DE Particulate Filter Element (OEM)

Part #: C780DE
1 Micron Particulate Removal


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