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Oil/Water Separator PDF DownloadCompressed air holds a lot of water vapor, and once that vapor becomes cooled into a liquid (condensate) what's created is a dirty, oily watery mixture that can\'t simply be sent down the drain. This is when a compressed air water separator is key to purifying your system.

Since the condensate is approximately 95% water and 5% oil, condensate management systems (oil water separators) have been developed to reduce or eliminate the amount of oil in the condensate. Puchasing an water separator for air compressor will extend the life of the compressor and keep a purified stream of water running throughout your system.Oil Water Separator Bags Banner also offers replacement oil and water separator bags for popular oil/water separators. Search for a Oil/Water Replacement Bag by OEM.

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"Why an Oil Water Separator is Required?"

BEKO Oil/Water Separators

QWIK-PURE® Series, Cartridge Media, 45 - 7,200 SCFM

Starting at: $150.00

Deltech Oil/Water Separators

Hydroclean® OWS Series, Carbon Media, 150 - 2,400 SCFM

JORC Oil/Water Separators

Part #: CT & Sepremium Series
PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM Series, Carbon Media, 70 - 2,500 SCFM

Starting at: $211.00

Nano Oil/Water Separators

Sepura Series, Sterling Media, 60 - 1,800 SCFM

Starting at: $175.00

Worthington Oil/Water Separators

H2Oil/Separator & H2Omni-Sep (50 - 14,000 SCFM)