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JORC Oil/Water Separators

JORC Oil/Water Separators

PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM Series, Carbon Media, 70 - 2,500 SCFM

The PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM series of oil/water separators separates oil from condensate, generated by compressed air systems. They achieve efficient separation of oil from condensate by means of directing the condensate through various separation stages.

As condensate flows in to the PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM, the oil is filtered out through various filtration elements. The first oil adsorbing element has a clever saturation indicating feature, offering you a visual operating status of the separator at a distance. The elements are designed to combine various types of adsorption technologies to achieve less than 10 ppm oil residue values at the output stage. Final separation stage includes specially selected activated charcoal to polish out the remaining contaminants. The life of the first stage filtration element is determined by the amount of oil removed, not by the amount of condensate treated.

Using a specially treated, adsorbent, polypropylene media and an activated carbon polishing element, the PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM Condensate Separators efficiently and effectively separate all compressor lubricants without the need for condensate storage tanks, settling chambers, or costly disposal. Combining high adsorption capacity and reliable performance in a compact, cost effective package, Jorc sets the standard for modern condensate management.

Untreated condensate harms the environment. Meet and exceed EPA regulations for condensate treatment with the PURO-CT or SEPREMIUM Separators, and ensure your compliance with ISO 14000.



Model Specifications

The PURO-CT series models are a compact cost effective condensate treatment solution. These models provide compact, cost effective condensate separation without the need for a settling tank, and include useful features like a sample port and bottle, an overflow indicator to avoid messy spills, and brass threaded connections and adapters.

The SEPREMIUM series models are the newest design by Jorc and they will be replacing the original PURO model line of oil/water separators. eCompressedair can still supply the PURO replacement elements and charcoal bags. Contact for more information.

Output Value
Old Puro
CT 125 125 0.8 gal. < 10ppm 1/2" 1" 97039 Puro Mini
CT 250 250 1.75 gal. < 10ppm 1/2" 1" 97079 --
CT 600
600  4 gal. < 10ppm 1/2" 1" 97159 --
Sepremium 70 70 2.5 qts. < 10ppm 1/2" 1/2" -- Enviro 65
Sepremium 125 125 0.8 gal. < 10ppm 1/2" 1/2" 95132 Puro Mini 125
Sepremium 175 175 1.3 gal. < 10ppm (2) 1/2" 1" 96059 --
Sepremium 350 350 2.6 gal. < 10ppm (2) 1/2" 1" 96109 Puro 300
Sepremium 750 750 4.0 gal. < 10ppm (2) 1/2" 1" 96209 Puro Midi
Sepremium 1250 1250 6.6 gal. < 10ppm (2) 1/2" 1" 96309 Puro Grand
Puro 3000 3000 14 gal. < 10ppm (4) 1/2" 1" -- Puro Xtender

*Contact customer service for larger than 1250 SCFM compressor capacities.
**Polyglycol Model, contact customer service for Sepremium model that accepts separation of polyglycol lubricant


Jorc Sepremium Features CutawayFeatures & Benefits

  • Visual element life indication.
  • Lighter and easier replacement of elements.
  • Sectional draining options during servicing.
  • Multiple condensate inlets.
  • Large 1" output capacity.
  • Service drains for easy maintenance.
  • Simple installation and maintenance procedures.
  • Sample bottle and test drain for sample taking.
  • Operates with all JORC type drains (both timer controlled and zero air loss).
  • Models covering up to 1250 SCFM compressor capacity.
  • Customer specific finishing options available.
  • Small foot print.

Separation of:

  • Mineral Lubricants: Yes
  • Synthetic Lubricants: Yes
  • Stabile Condensate Emulsions: Yes
  • Polyglycol: Yes*

*Consult customer service for polyglycol applications.

All PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM models can accept condensate discharge from efficient intelligent drains, cost effective timer drains, float drains and manual drains. Additional condensate can be added manually.

How it Works

Service Pack

PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM Service Pack Replacement

Purchase Service Packs for PURO-CT & SEPREMIUM models
(Includes both adsorption elements and charcoal bag)

Contact our customer service team by calling toll-free 866-650-1937 or email for more information about the Puro-CT & Sepremium oil/water separator or for customized options and quotes.


Download PURO-CT Oil/Water Separator Information

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Download SEPREMIUM Oil/Water Separator Information

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