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Aftermarket Hydrovane HY2 Separator Kit

Aftermarket Hydrovane HY2 Separator Kit

Part #: HY2
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Models Numbers 11, 13, 17, 23, 33, 43 Ceramic




Recommended every 2,000 working hours

Our Hydrovane HY2 Separator Kit replacement contains all the parts necessary including separators, o-rings, washers, seals, and gaskets to replace the separators on Hydrovane Compressor Models 11, 13, 17, 23, 33, and 43.

Hydrovane recommends servicing the separator in your compressor every 10 months or 2,000 working hours because compressed air applications will operate more efficiently if the air is clean, dry, and free of contamination. Failure to perform routine maintenance can allow contaminants to enter the compressor, shortening the life of the system components and eventually leading to costly repairs.  
eCompressedair provides quality Hydrovane equivalent parts that meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Aftermarket parts are more cost effective than brand name parts and can typically allow for a reduction in your annual maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.

Parts List
1 005790 Gasket
1 0055814 O-Ring
1 0057369 O-Ring
1 0057587 Separator
1 0058000 Seal
3 0057370 Gasket
How a Separator Works

As oil laced air passes through the separator, the special material of the separator causes the oil to adhere. As the oil collects and becomes heavy, gravity causes the oil to slide down, and, depending on the compressor model, collects for reuse by the compressor.

As the oil collects on the separator it brings dirt and debris with it which over time will reduce the efficiency of the separator and can even cause a sudden and unexpected pressure drop.

Since compressed air passes through an air/oil separator, having a clean separator can reduce the strain on your compressor's working parts, meaning less energy use and less wear and tear.

The air/oil separator generally starts with a 2 to 3 psi pressure drop at full load when new. Maintenance manuals usually suggest changing an air/oil separator when there is a 10 to 12 psi pressure drop across the separator. In many cases it may make sense to make an earlier separator replacement, especially if electricity prices are high.

Recommended Lubricant

If you're performing a complete oil change when installing a new separator kit, eCompressedair recommends these oils for Hydrovane models 11, 17, 23, 3355, and 66:

Hydrovane 2000 Equivalent

Useful life: Hydrovane 2000 Equivalent is useful under normal operating conditions for 8000 hours in rotary screw units and 4000 hours in rotary vanes. Energy reduction: These oils have extensive data showing energy reductions on compressor drive units averaging 6.7% on recips and 8.3% on rotary screws. Software compatibility: The diester oils are compatible with most currently used compressor components including seals, paints and plastics. However, some materials are not recommended for use with diester oils.


CompAir Hydrovane 2000 Equivalent (5 Gal.)



CompAir Hydrovane 2000 Equivalent (55 Gal.)