BEKO CLEARPOINT® Water Separator

BEKO CLEARPOINT® Water Separator

25 SCFM - 1500 SCFM, 3/8" NPT - 3" NPT Connections

The BEKO CLEARPOINT® Water Separator utilizes a special internal swirl insert that makes the entering compressed air flow experience a special rotary motion with high velocity. The consequence: the outwardly directed rotational forces lead the condensate droplets to the separator wall, from where they flow into the collecting zone.

The CLEARPOINT® Water Separator also offers increased safety protection. The unqiue safe shutter mechanism offers a 100% control when opening the filter housing. In the event that the housing is opened under pressure, a warning signal sounds. The shutter mechanism also prevents unlatching during vibrations.

Other innovative features include a specfically designed rising pipe, rectifier, and a shielded collecting zone. The unique rising pipe avoids particle transfer to the upwardly directed rotational flow of the already purified compressed air. The proprietary rectifier directs the compressed air to the outlet and reduces flow losses to a minimum. Likewise, the shielding of the collecting zone settles the air flow in this area in order to effectively avoid the dispersion and re-entrainment of already separated liquids.

A mechanical float drain is only standard on the S040 to M010 (3/8" to 1"), while the M015 to M030 (1-1/2" to 3") utilize a BEKOMAT® drain and connection kit.



  • • Performance-optimized volume flow increased by 30%
  • • Validated in accordance with ISO 12500-1 and 3
  • • Max. operating temperature 140°F
  • • Max. operating pressure 232 psig
  • • Fully anodized powder coated aluminum
  • • Pressure Drop: .87 psid
  • • 99% Removal Rate