Hitachi E Series Vortex Blowers

Hitachi E Series Vortex Blowers

High Volume Compressor Blower

The E Series High Volume Vortex Blower is a smaller more efficient Blower that generates air by non-interference, single path air compression, enabling greater efficiency for larger air volume applications.

Versatility of Design

  • The E-Series Vortex Blower can be utilized in both discharge and suction applications.
  • The E-Series Vortex Blower is designed to provide non-pulsating air flow.

Oil-less Design

  • 100% oil-less, environmentally friendly design
  • Hitachi VB E-Series does not contribute to environmental emissions

Flexible Installation

  • The HITACHI Radial Vane Impeller Design enables operation in either a Suction or Discharge application with the same efficiency, giving the E-Series Vortex Blower the capability to be used in a variety of applications.

Industry Leading Sound Levels

  • Sound levels as low as 49 dBA.

Space Saving

  • Unit is compact in overall dimension.
E series Blower