Donaldson Centrifugal Cyclone Separators

Donaldson Centrifugal Cyclone Separators

70 SCFM - 1,400 SCFM, 1/2" NPT - 3" NPT Connections

Donaldson Cyclone Separators are designed for removal of liquid water and particulate from compressed air and gases. The DF-C Cyclone Separators deliver high separation efficiency at low pressure drop through an optimal flow-path design. The AG-Z (aluminum) Cyclone Water Separator has a three-piece aluminum housing.

How the Cyclone Water Separator Works

The compressed air is guided over the swirl vanes, which direct the compressed air into the housing. Liquid aerosols and particles flow down the filter housing and are drained out of the filter housing. The conical form of the lower filter bowl is designed to eliminate aerosol carry over. The turbulent free zone in the lower part of the filter housing prevents condensate from being picked up and "carried over" into the clean air.


  • - Flow-optimized design with innovative spin insert.
  • - Bayonet lock ensures housing cannot be opened under pressure.
  • - Immersion-laquered housing on internal/external surfaces for long term corrosion protection.
  • - Low pressure drop resulting in energy savings.
  • - Standard housing are equipped with timer-operated drain valves (DF-C models)
    and automatic zero-air loss drain valves (AG-Z models).