Walker Filtration Alpha® Water Separators

Walker Filtration Alpha® Water Separators

6 SCFM - 1,500 SCFM / 1/8" NPT - 3" NPT Connections
Walker Filtration's NEW Alpha® Water Separator combines proven Alpha® centrifugal technology with a new forward thinking housing design to deliver market leading water removal efficiencies – eliminating 99% bulk water with continuously low differential pressure. The custom engineered centrifugal module features unique vanes to eliminate points of low efficiency, and a vortex arrestor to stop re-entrainment - ensuring minimal operating pressure loss and maintaining excellent liquid removal, even at low velocities. No replacement components are required, making Walker Filtration’s Water Separators a viable and cost effective solution for removing bulk water from compressed air.

Additionally, housings feature the new externally accessible drain valve, which can be removed on larger models without having to gain access to the interior of the filter. Users can simply unscrew the drain from the bottom and remove. The design utilizes a finned/vaned internal spinner which removes large quantities of condensate and particulate by centrifugal action.


  • • No replacement components required - viable, cost effective solution.
  • • Vortex breaker at bottom of module prevents re-entrainment
    of separated condensate, creating a quiet zone for liquid connection.
  • • Multiple condensate drainage options facilitate maximum flexibility
    and energy efficiency (no air loss - improved efficiency).
  • • Suitable for variable speed compressor applications with condensate
    removal efficiency of greater than 99% from 20-120% of design flow.


  • • Maximum working pressure: 232 psig
  • • Maximum recommended operating temperature: 248°F
  • • Minimum recommended operating temperature: 35°F
  • • Typical pressure loss at rated flow: 0.8 psi