Van Air Freedom Series

Van Air Freedom Series

Deliquescent Dryers (7 - 16,000 scfm)
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Van Air Freedom Dryers are single tower deliquescent compressed air dryers for stationary applications. Freedom Dryers remove harmful water vapor from compressed air lines.

Wet compressed air enters the bottom of the dryer and flows upward through a bed of deliquescent desiccant, which absorbs moisture as it slowly dissolves. Condensate drops to the bottom of the vessel to be drained. Dry air exits the top of the vessel.

When used with Dry-O-Lite desiccant, the Freedom Dryer automatically provides a pressure dew point that is approximately 20°F lower than temperature of the air at the vessel inlet. For example, if the air inlet temperature is 80°F, the Freedom Dryer delivers a 60°F pressure dew point. If the air inlet temperature is 30°F, the dryer delivers a 10°F pressure dew point.

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