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The LS-160 Compressors have been replaced by the 4500PV (60 HP), 5500 (75 HP) and 7500 (100 HP) Models listed below.


The V-160 Compressors have been replaced by the 4500P (60 HP), 5500 (75 HP) and 7500V (100 HP) Models listed below.


The V-200 Compressors have been replaced by the 7500PV (100 HP) Model listed below.


The VCC-200 Compressors have been replaced by the 7500PS (100 HP) Model listed below.




7500 Series Models
Parts & Pre-Assembled Kits

  • 4500P - 60 HP
  • 4500PS - 60 HP (VCC)
  • 4500PV - 60 HP (VSD)
  • 5500 - 75 HP
  • 5500V - 75 HP (VSD)
  • 5500PS - 75 HP (VCC)
  • 7500 - 100 HP
  • 7500V - 100 HP (VSD)
  • 7500P - 100 HP
  • 7500PS - 100 HP (VCC)
  • 7500PV - 100 HP (VSD

We carry hundreds of replacement Sullair air compressor parts for 7500 Series Models from the hard-to-find, to the most common, including air filters, air/oil separators and oil filters as well as complete rebuild kits and individual parts.

Search by product number and find exactly the parts you need with confidence. Or if you know your model number, select one of our pre-assembled kits to include replacement parts necessary for your specific 7500 Series Model.

Unsure what you are looking for? Call our knowledgeable customer service team at 866-650-1937 and they will find the Sullair parts you need.

Our Parts & Pre-Assembled Kits include the most commom replacement parts for each model as well as any specialty/custom parts for various model types. Common parts found in our pre-assembled kits are: air filters, oil filters, separators (primary and secondary), regulator repair kit, sullicon repair kit, blowdown valve repair kit, and much more.