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Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand 30418834 Gasket Kit

Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand 30418834 Gasket Kit

Part #: 30418834
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Gasket Kit Model Number 15T




Recommended as Needed

Our Ingersoll Rand 30418834 Equivalent Gasket Kit contains all the parts necessary to replace the gaskets on Ingersoll Rand Compressor Model 15T.

Ingersoll Rand recommends inspecting the gaskets regularly and servicing them when there is noticable cracks or wear. With time, these gaskets become brittle and dried out and do not provide an effective seal when reused. Replacing all the gaskets when the unit is disassembled can eliminate having to schedule another costly shutdown to replace a potential leaking gasket.
eCompressedair provides quality Ingersoll Rand equivalent parts that meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Aftermarket parts are more cost effective than brand name parts and can typically allow for a reduction in your annual maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.

Parts List
Qty. Part # Desc.
1 20A11CM006 O-Ring
1 20A11CM212 O-Ring
3 20A11EM141 O-Ring
1 W21480 Gasket
3 W21481 Gasket
2 W21482 Gasket
2 W21483 Gasket
3 W21484 Gasket
2 W21485 Gasket
1 W21486 Gasket
3 W21487 Gasket
2 W99756 Gasket
1 W99832 Gasket
12 X1016T34 Washer
2 X1026T32 Gasket
1 R8168 Gasket
How a Gasket Works

All gaskets perform the same task regardless of the composition of material; their main functions are to mate and seal surfaces, and prevent liquids, dirt, gases, and other contaminants from entering the unit. Another purpose they serve is to maintain your oil capacity and keep it free from leaks, therefore it's best to have a complete set of gaskets to ensure proper seal and pressure. Compressor gaskets come in numerous forms and can be made from cork, plastic shim material, treated paper, Vellumoid 505 Fiber®, and the most widely used being Klingersil®.

Recommended Spares

While the compressor is already offline and disassembled it is also recommended to change out the piston rings in the unit.

Ingersoll Rand 37138138 Equivalent Piston Ring Kit

(Models 15T H.P.)

Ingersoll Rand 32015174 Equivalent Piston Ring Kit

(Models 15T L.P.)