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Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand HK-71T Head/Valve Rebuild Kit

Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand HK-71T Head/Valve Rebuild Kit

Part #: HK-71T
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Head/Valve Rebuild Kit Model Number 71T




When air delivery has dropped off, one of the symptoms is usually a leaking or defective valve. We recommend our HK-71T Head/Valve Rebuild Kit. Our Ingersoll Rand equivalent repair kit contains all the necessary parts for a head/valve rebuild.

Upon reassembly, make sure the valve parts are in their proper sequence and position and make absolutely certain the stop plate is centered on it's guide. Otherwise the valve will be damaged when it is pulled up tight in the air head.

eCompressedair provides quality Ingersoll Rand equivalent parts that meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Aftermarket parts are more cost effective than brand name parts and can typically allow for a reduction in you annual maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.

Parts List
Qty. Part # Desc.
1 W21445 Stop Plate
1 W21446 Valve Spring
2 W21447 Valve Ring
2 W21448 Valve Spring
1 W21451 Seat Plate
1 W21452 Valve Spring
1 W21483 Gasket
1 W21485 Gasket
1 W21486 Gasket
2 W21487 Gasket
1 W21948 Gasket
How a Head Kit Works

A head/valve rebuild kit allows you to disassemble, inspect and replace valve parts, and reassemble the head. In normal conditions, compressors are reasonably free from carbon trouble. Carbon is caused by an increase in heat which can be caused by a leaky or broken valve, too high a discharge pressure, or incorrect oil level. Valves should be inspected and rebuilt if a loss of compressor capacity is indicated and can be traced to no other source.

Recommended Spares

eCompressedair can supply a Ring/Gasket Kit which contains a complete piston ring set and all the gaskets necessary for the installation of the rings. We can also supply an Overhaul Kit which contains a complete gasket kit, complete piston ring set, connecting rods, crankpin bushing, and crankshaft main bearings.