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Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand X1457T44A Ring Kit

Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand X1457T44A Ring Kit

Part #: X1457T44A
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Ring Kit Model Numbers 15T and 20T2




Recommended as Required

Our Ingersoll Rand X1457T44A Equivalent Ring Kit contains all the parts necessary to replace both the high and low pressure piston rings on Ingersoll Rand Compressor Models 15T and 20T2.

Worn piston rings are often a contributing factor in the decline in performance of a compressor that has been in service for an extensive period of time. Ingersoll Rand recommends replacing the piston rings when a compressor does not meet its normal air delivery or when its oil consumption is considered to be excessive. Generally, any compressor consuming more than 2 oz. of oil per 100 horse-power-hours does not meet commercial standards and would require piston ring replacement.

eCompressedair provides quality Ingersoll Rand equivalent parts that meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Aftermarket parts are more cost effective than brand name parts and can typically allow for a reduction in your annual maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.

Parts List
Qty. Part # Desc.
1 37138138 (W114364T9) Piston Ring Kit
2 32015174 (W114364T37E) Piston Ring Kit
How Piston Rings Work

In most applications, piston rings are performing several functions. They contain and regulate cylinder pressure, prevent oil blow-by, and to help regulate the control of thermal changes in the unit. Each piston usually has three types of rings; the compression ring, scraper ring, and oil control ring. The compression ring prevents pressure loss as the piston makes its way to the top of it's stroke. While designed similarly to the compression ring, the scraper rings are used to minimize oil build up between the compression ring and oil ring. Finally, the oil control rings help to lubricate the pistons, cylinder walls, rings and wrist pins, while also maintaining thermal control by directing oil into the pistons.

Recommended Spares

While the compressor is already offline and disassembled it is also recommended to change out the gaskets in the unit if necessary.

Ingersoll Rand 30418834 Equivalent Gasket Kit

(Models 15T)

Ingersoll Rand 30423388 Equivalent Gasket Kit

(Models 20T2)