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Compressed Air Dryer Sizing Tool


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Compressed air dryers remove moisture from compressed air systems to protect downstream equipment. When moisture persists in a compressed air system it leads to the formation of scale, rust and bacteria. These contaminants can damage equipment, ruin product batches, and contaminate pharmaceutical or food products.

Learn more about Compressed Air Dryers and the difference it can make in your comressed air system. If you have questions on how to properly select a compressed air dryer, contact our knowledgeable customer service toll-free: 866-650-1937 or send us an email request. has created an easy to use tool to help you find the compressed air dryer you need. Use our Dryer Sizing Tool below to find a refrigerated or desiccant compressed air dryer to fit your compressed air system. Simply enter in your system speciations and select "Find a Dryer" and it will return results for dryers that match your specifications.