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Aftermarket Quincy 124487-002 Air/Oil Separator

Aftermarket Quincy 124487-002 Air/Oil Separator

Part #: 124487-002
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Pleated Air/Oil Separator 10" X 10" X 10"




Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications

An eCompressedair separator holds its shape under pressure and will maintain the maximum filtering surface area for improved performance. Its rigid construction helps maintain more even pressure differentials keeping the filter from collapsing and shutting down your compressor.

Our separators are designed with retainer clips that are pre-positioned and welded to the flange and bottom plate to ensure metal to metal contact throughout the separator package. This also adds critical strength that keeps our elements from distorting during operation.

When you use an eCompressedair - round is what it is. Because of how it's constructed each element produced is identical. You won't find a eCompressedair separator failing prematurely. You get less than 3PPM oil carry-over as a consistent standard. With our air/oil separators, your compressors perform better, use significantly less oil, and last longer.