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Kingston Model 112CSS Hard Seat Series Safety Valves

Sizes: 1/4" ,3/8", 1/2" NPT
Pressure Range: 25 – 300 PSI
Application: Compressed Air Systems, Steam Applications

The Kingston Model 112CSS Safety Valve is an ASME Code Certified, precision machined brass valve with a hard seat. This valve supports ASME Code applications up to 300 psi. It also features a stainless steel ball for durability and a pull ring for manual testing. As Kingston’s most popular valve, it is suited for a wide variety of applications.

Alternative versions to the Kingston Model 112CSS are available in electroless nickel plating, Model 112CSSEN and all Stainless Steel, Model 112CR. Any version of the Kingston Model 112C Series Safety Valve can be delivered with an ASME certified steam rating. The Kingston Model 112CSS Safety Valve, like every Kingston Safety Valve, is set and tested at factory for quality and dependability. The Kingston Model 112CSS Safety Valve is approved in Massachusetts and Washington DC and is stamped with UV & NB symbols. Registered in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Kingston 112CSS-2-025 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-025
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 25 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-030 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-030
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 30 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-035 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-035
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 35 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-040 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-040
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 40 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-045 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-045
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 45 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-050 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-050
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 50 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-055 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-055
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 55 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-060 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-060
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 60 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-065 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-065
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 65 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-070 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-070
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 70 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-075 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-075
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 75 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-080 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-080
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 80 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-085 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-085
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 80 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-090 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-090
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 90 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-095 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-095
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 95 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-100 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-100
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 100 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-105 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-105
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 105 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-110 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-110
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 110 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-115 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-115
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 115 PSI ASME Coded

Kingston 112CSS-2-120 Safety Valve

Part #: 112CSS-2-120
Hard Seat, 1/4" NPT 120 PSI ASME Coded

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